Sep 02, 2020

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For decades, journalism has relied on advertising to pay its way, but the arrival of the internet and digital advertising has shown just how broken this business model is, and even the biggest publishers are battling for survival.

The result? Acres of clickbait, listicles, trends articles and fake news that you have to wade through to try and find every nugget of useful information.

At the Journalists Action Network, we believe it doesn't have to be this way, and that solid, agenda-free, and useful reporting is possible, if those who want it are willing to support it directly.

We want to report on the people who are actually coming up with solutions and working for the benefit of us all, to create links and communities of interest around the world. We want to inspire our readers with ideas, and prompt the question: "If that worked there, could it work here?"

If you can help, you'll give us the resources to ensure our writers are paid for their contributions, and give us the opportunity to highlight the people, businesses and charities who are working to improve society, so they don't have to pay to do so.

If you like what you read here, we'd love it if you would buy us a coffee, or support us whenever you can, no amount is too small, and every penny helps to keep the lights, powered by renewable sources, on.

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